Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Still waiting for enlightenment and/or healing.

I am feeling stronger and more positive every day. The surgeon's office called me a few days ago to ask if I had decided where I would be treated. I told them I had decided not to go to CTCA. They took that to mean that I would be having surgery here in Rome. I made an appointment to go back in the last of this month, ostensibly to schedule surgery. I hope to negotiate another scan of some kind before I do that. I'm not sure what kind of scan, but definitely not a mammogram.
I watched a very interesting 11 part series on natural cures for cancer last week. It presented many different therapies, all of which had worked for the people they interviewed. The doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, etc. had nothing good to say about radiation and chemotherapy. They pointed out that these treatments do not cure anything. They have nothing to do with the cause of the cancer; like most allopathic treatments they are directed at the symptoms rather than the cause.
I am still tracking down what I believe to be the causes of my cancer. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a dentist in Atlanta who specializes in removing amalgam fillings. I have 4 left. Interesting that one of the 4 is in a tooth that corresponds to my left breast according to Chinese medicine. I have worried for decades about my exposure to Mercury from these old fillings. I never did anything about it (other than make sure my children only had composite fillings) because it is expensive, insurance usually won't pay, and some dentists believe there is more danger of exposure from the removal process. Now I feel like I can't ignore the risk any longer.I had my doctor order a heavy metals screen on me last week. The results aren't back yet, but I am committed to having them removed regardless of the result.
I have also ordered some B17 cream from Mexico, otherwise known as Laetrile. The number of people helped by this natural substance is impressive.
Also the first of my genetic tests came back. I was negative for all 5 of the genetic mutations that supposedly predispose me to Breast cancer.
I don't think I will ever know with certainty what specifically caused me to develop breast cancer. I am doing everything I can to support my immune system, to detoxify my body, and to heal emotional wounds from my past. None of this can hurt me. I can't say that about surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.
There are many benefits of this self-imposed "treatment". I have lost 25+ pounds. I feel better mentally than I have in decades. I have lots of energy. I fall asleep easily and wake naturally after about 6 hours ready to get up and start my day.
My husband is the size he was when we met. He also has more energy and feels better than he has in decades.
So how long will I wait before having surgery? I am not sure. I hope to find somewhere to have a thermographic scan done. It is completely safe. It pinpoints areas of heat in the body. Cancer cells are dividing rapidly and give off heat from that process. I also may have another ultrasound if that doesn't work out. I will probably have to pay for whatever scan I have, and ultrasound is a fraction of the cost of an MRI.
I will see how I feel when I next visit the surgeon. If I can prove to him and myself that the tumor is not growing, even better if it seems to be shrinking, then I will wait a bit longer. My hope is that I won't have to have surgery at all.
I am optimistic.😊

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