Monday, August 3, 2015

More Western Drama and Angst

Microscopic report of the lymph node came back with a few clusters of malignant cells in the subscapular sinus. Right- nothing is ever in English. After lots of talk with doctors and chasing my tail to get my hands on the report, their recommendations remain the same; chemo followed by radiation.
After hours of research I have decided not to follow their recommendations. I found evidence that there is no significance in those microscopic cells they found. All of the research papers I found said I am still considered node negative and giving chemo based on those results alone is not justified. Some went so far as to say the stains used to identify the cells should not even be done when the node shows no sign of tumor. Risks from the treatment outweigh the potential for benefit.
I had another amalgam filling replaced less than a week after the lymph node surgery- not one of my better ideas. It put me in a deep depression for a few days where I mostly slept. Then 3 days later I woke up feeling fairly normal. Weird. I definitely need some help detoxing from the mercury after it is all removed. I go back the end of August to have 2 more removed. I will be done unless I decide to have a bridge replaced that apparently has some mercury under it (ch-ching$$$). I will make that decision later.
I feel really good to have finally made the decision not to have radiation and chemo. I continue to find research in support of that given the particular characteristics of my tumor. I have decided to seek out a holistic doctor who will guide me through my continuing path of detoxification and supplementation. I look forward to going to the Integrative Practice I found in Atlanta through a close friend of mine. I will see a M.D. who is also trained in more wholistic medicine. I have a consultation next Tuesday. Wish me luck!
I will also be proactive in watching for any more cancer to develop. I now have the tools to have my body scanned regularly in a safe way.
Thanks again to all my wonderful friends who have texted, prayed, sent cards, etc.  I am truly blessed.

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