Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wow! It has really been over a year since I last posted. A lot has happened and I think I can safely say it has all been good. As far as I know, I am cancer free. I am having thermography scans and SureTouch breast exams once a year now. I am also having MRI's of both breasts once a year. My plan is to stagger these two diagnostic events so I am checked by someone every six months.
I never plan to have another mammogram. My surgeon originally told me he would never agree to that, but in January at my follow-up appointment, I took him numerous peer-reviewed articles on the efficacy of thermography and SureTouch. After perusing them he agreed to "let me" have those once a year if I would also agree to having an MRI once a year. I put "let me" in quotation marks because of course I never needed his permission. If he had not agreed to my terms I would have just gone forward with my gynecologist who has been very supportive of me and the decisions I have made.
I mentioned 23&Me in a previous post... the company that analyzed my DNA. Another company, MTHFR Support, took that information from 23&Me and created a 44 page document describing my genetic predispositions to all kinds of health issues. I was unable to interpret this myself but am now seeing an epigeneticist in Atlanta who is deciphering this for me. It is phenomenal what I have learned about MY health.
One of the first things this scientist said to me was, "If you continue to eat gluten, you will have colon cancer.". Interestingly, at my last colonoscopy in early 2016 a pre-cancerous polyp was found... a first for me. She told me my body was unable to detoxify and remove heavy metals (mercury!?!) and it was very good I had all of the amalgam removed from my teeth last year. i also cannot detoxify hydrocarbons, solvents, plastics, acetone, etc... She told me the very worst thing for me to do was pump diesel and ride around in traffic without the recirculate button pressed in my car. She said the best thing I could do was buy an electric car.
When she told me this my son had my diesel wagon with him in Athens to sell it for me because I want to buy a Nissan Leaf, an all-electric car.
Another huge game-changer for me deals with my ability to regulate the neurotransmitters; serotonin and dopamine. I have a number of errors in my serotonin pathway and 57 errors in my dopamine pathway. This completely explains why I have been depressed all of my life. Adding to these problems is an inability to "methylate" folic acid and vitamin B12, which is necessary for the body to be able to use them. I have taken B12 injections in the past because I have always been deficient, and my mother was as well. It is such a relief to know that I really am physiologically depressed... It has never been "all in my head".
She has prescribed lots of probiotics, lots of magnesium, some B vitamins in their methylated forms, Sam-E, 5HTP, and a few other random supplements. As my gut starts working (for the first time in my life), she will add a few more cancer protection nutrients. I am feeling better than I have felt in a number of years. I am finally feeling hopeful that I can get past the stress of the last few decades of my life and enjoy whatever time I have left on this earth.  I hope to discover my true purpose in being here.
One other interesting fact: When I told this scientist I had refused chemotherapy against the wishes of my doctors she said, "It is a good thing you refused. Because of this CYP1B1 fault (apparently the worst one I have), not only would the chemo not have touched the cancer, but it would have shortened your life as you cannot process it appropriately. I have since found studies proving this.
As my General Practitioner said the last time I saw her, "She is confirming all of the things you intuitively knew on your own."
So there you have it. The newest information about my journey through breast cancer. Thanks for reading and God bless you and yours.


  1. Sandra...your journey has been almost parallel to ours emotionally. I guess you could say we've been taking a little more traditional treatment method.
    Of course, Barbara's cancer, multiple myeloma, is a blood cancer and is probably very different from breast cancer.
    I am so happy you've received the results you have achieved, and I use the word achieved because cancer is an ongoing war against your own cells which exist in your own body.
    I started reading your blog about a year ago. After one of the get-togethers you had with Barbara and the other girls, Barbara simply couldn't stop talking about your conversations. She is better for having you as a friend.
    Maybe one day, hopefully soon and in our lifetimes, we can all use the words, "We've finally beaten cancer."

    John W. Conner

  2. Dear Sandra,
    I am sorry for your cancer journey, but glad you are sharing your knowledge of your treatment. Many people don't trust themselves enough. You have always been strong in your beliefs. I remember sitting at the lunch table in school and sitting across from you. I remember those hamburger patties (plain, of course) wrapped in foil and your aversion to white milk. I also remember coming back to Vidalia to visit after I had moved away and you so kindly gave me a ride back to "north GA" days! Take care of you and I hope you will continue to write in your blog! Viki Perdue Bozeman- Griffin, GA